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The most sought after Dog Toy since the invention of the Stick!

Any ol’ Dog can have a stick but Lucky Dogs Chase FETCHIN’STIXX!

Hand made in Northern Michigan utilizing Reclaimed-Ash Hardwood.

They Whistle (softly) in the Air like a Boomerang! Then Clack when impacting the Ground! The Whistle gets their attention, the Clack drives them to it, AND THEY FLOAT!

Fetchin’Stixx come in (5) sizes for Dogs 5-150 lbs.

Note from Steve: Fetchin’Stixx are not a “Chew Toy” but they hold up extremely well. If only used for Fetching and Put Up where your Dog can’t reach it when not in use. When sized according to my guidelines and cared for properly these Stixx average 1 year of use! My customers tell me they are using them 1,2,3 and even 4 years!

Maxx and I wish you and yours, MANY HAPPY RETURNS!



One unintended benefit of this Dynamic Toy, derived from its unique design is that BLIND DOGS have started to use them (Thanks Rocky) to play Fetch again!
Little did I know that when I first cut slots into the Original Stixx that I would be providing access to a very special Niche market in the Canine World!
Now Dogs who have lost their sight can continue playing Fetch with their Owners Just Like Old Times!

Note: Fetchin’Stixx will not make a Dog play Fetch that had not previously enjoyed the game.